Though I really only access Reddit when it is linked from another site, I've noticed the Imgur images, but did not know it was designed as a "gift" to the Reddit community and that Reddit (Advance) was an investor. All told, it is natural they first hosted the stolen celebrity nudes.

Quantcast doesn't directly measure Reddit, but looking at their charts for Imgur Network traffic, first Global and then US, one can probably tell that the initial Jezebel and Gawker posts announcing the photo dump were on the evening of August 31st.

Of course some of those clicks could have been in vain as Imgur was removing the images, I don't when that started and how closely it coincided with the Reddit mods taking down the posts. It's probably also reasonable to assume that at least some of those clicking were using an offshore proxy which would help inflate the Global numbers, but I still thought the charts were interesting, especially if you expand the Global out to show an entire year.


Huge boosts in traffic from porn and stolen pics aren't anything new. Gawker's clip from Farrah Abraham's sex tape which was marketed as "leaked" has racked-up over 18m views, illustrating the point, as does the 2009 popular-post recap which showed that the McSteamy video post had garnered at least six times as many viewers as the year's second most-popular post. (Unfortunately, the long version's stats aren't easily found.)

I'm sure that all of this interest, coupled with the strategic use of boldfaced names for search engine optimization and maybe a little more than the usual amount of righteous indignation, along with a bit of news has been why there have been so many Gawker Media posts.