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Stop-and-Frisk Nabs One of Their Own

Two white New York police officers forced their black BOSS, Chief Douglas Zeigler, head of the Community Affairs Bureau and the highest-ranking uniformed black officer in the department, out of his car last night at gun point. Chief Zeigler was off-duty and not uniformed, but had on his ID. When he showed the cops his ID, they didn't believe he was who he said he was.

Zeigler says that the cops had no legitimate reason to stop him. One of the cops had the nerve to argue with the Chief after he showed ID and was stripped of his gun and badge.

The cops and Zeigler's official accounts of the evening differed. One has to wonder about the hubris/white privilege/law enforcement privilege of a cop who expects his story to be taken as gospel over the Chief's.


Maybe now that stop-and-frisk has nabbed one of their own chiefs, the department will begin to re-evaluate the policy.

Hahaha!! I know— good one.

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