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Strange Doings in Memphis

As I was looking for information about the "blue flu" afflicting the Memphis Police Department — 181 officers called-in sick between June 30th and July 4th, presumably to protest changes in their pension contributions — I learned that former Shelby County Criminal Court and syndicated television judge Joe Brown is running for Shelby County DA.


Via Facebook, a group of his supporters posted video of him suggesting that his opponent, incumbent District Attorney Amy Weirich is a lesbian, whose husband and children have moved out and an unnamed employee has moved-in next door. When asked about the comments, Brown pointed out that the Facebook page isn't affiliated with the campaign, acknowledged that he had made the comments to a "captive nightclub audience", then pointed out that he had lots of gay and lesbian contestants on his reality show and that a key member of his staff is a homosexual.

Brown also cited his work with the EEOC early in his career and how relationships between boss and subordinate are often frowned upon. In response to the Wierich spokesperson's wish that the judge "can find the help he needs", Brown says he has a higher IQ and was given an award in front of some Supreme Court Justices, once.

Blue Flu Update: As of today, it's 308 officers with some calling-in multiple times.

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