All the Gawker bashing going on outside the kinjaversa today has this candy a little sour.

Right now I'm reading the commentariat at The Intercept with their pinkies in the air, sniffing like the hiring of John Cook as their editor wasn't the luckiest thing that ever happened to them. Perhaps their site, which nobody who isn't a snooty hacker reads, may actually start attracting normal people. Although right now I'm not feeling so inclined based on what snootjobs they are. Just because I like a little Justin Bieber's penis interspersed with my news of cyber warfare does not make me shallow. It makes me a helluva lot more interesting at cocktail parties, not to mention beddable, than probably anyone who reads The Intercept.

Then there's the Columbia Journalism Review (circulation 17) which published a slamjob on the Letter From the Death Row Inmate Gawker published. It's shitty journalism, which doesn't surprise me coming as it does from this moldy bastion of white privilege and insignifigance. Still, their disdain makes me want to find a suitable GIF to express my disgust, at all bashers o' Gawker. You should BE so interesting. Could you BE any more jelly? Seems like you're always poaching this place of talent (not you, CJR, circulation now 15 and dropping).

As a Gawker devotee, I feel as misunderstood right now as the poor Biebs.