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Suggestions For Developing Kinja

(Pictured: Sea Britain) Some very possibly impractical ideas:

  • A separate comments section for reblogged posts has been mentioned, but another suggestion about comments; when you are discussing the Middle East and then you notice something in the other person's reply and then the subject of the conversation changes to your favourite B-movies or whatever. There are still people in the thread trying to have a conversation about the Middle East, so the derailed part could be moved into some separate place (a blog called off-topic limbo?) for the sake of clarity and not suppressing other conversations.
  • Some way of marking comments you intend on replying to in the future, but do not have the time to do so immediately. This would work both as a reminder for the person intending on replying as well as a notification for the other side that they probably won't be getting a reply in the next ten minutes. I don't know, sometimes I leave threads because I forgot I had intending on replying and it can be a bit rude.
  • Blocking/ignoring people. Instead of calling each other trolls etc., I'd greatly appreciate this function. I never really got the point behind trigger warnings until I had a visceral reaction to a traumatic event brought on by the comments of one individual (I know, woe is me, toughen up, but if these blocklists were open knowledge and possibly used in Kinja's algorithms, it could be useful for other purposes as well)
  • Tagging comments/threads so that they would show up in one blog - like kinda like tumblr. This might help with the first bullet-point.

I'd imagine some of these things would have already be in place if their implementation was worth the effort, not that I would know. Other ideas? Does the undismiss-button work at the moment?

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