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The last few of Joel Johnson's sporadic editorial wrap-ups have featured comments from the various site editors listing some of the things they wanted to highlight from their domains. A couple of these have also included posts from Recruits and associated communities.

If anyone is looking for something to read, not only are there a bunch of links, but what the editors choose to highlight and their phrasings could also be a window into how they see their sites and in the most recent, Joel also mentioned some changes coming to Kinja.

Here are the most recent three, there are a couple more on his Kinja, but the idea of editors listing their site's accomplishments seems to have evolved and I've already linked to at least one of the earlier posts, previously.


It's probably also worth noting that like a lot of bloggers, despite being the Editor-at-Large and a Vice-President of Gawker Media, Joel has been inconsistent with tags. As of right now — perhaps it will change — there isn't a single easy link to this laudable series of posts.

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