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Written in Ink
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Support Your Local Internet Artist

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Recently, Lindy West wrote about a poll which found that using criteria such as approachability and authenticity, teens rank some Youtube stars higher than the Hollywood variety. As the web continues to expand, the different ways for content creators to make money evolves too.


(Sidenote: It's worth clicking through to the poll source just for the big, ranking graphic) (Go Betty White!)

A couple of weeks ago, my daughter told me about a service called Patreon. As the following humorous video from one of her favorite Youtubers explains, it's like an ongoing Kickstarter allowing fans to pledge a patronage onto artists for their output. Donations can be capped both ways or withdrawn. It appears that Element Animation, the Youtube studio whose plea I've embedded says they will only charge for two videos a month, no matter their output, while others might like a donation for each bit of product. The donors are also able to cap their monthly pledges and can adjust or cancel them at any time, up until the time their credit card is billed according to the service's FAQ.

I haven't used their service and have only ran a few cursory searches — I also don't have any connection to them or Element Animation — but there's a whole list of web artists the company thinks would benefit from the service, such as web comics, musicians, podcasters, gamers, photographers and bloggers, in addition to Youtubers and others.


If someone has something to say or if you like what someone says, this could be a way to go.

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