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"[T]he blame rests firmly and exclusively with two people."

If you read Adam Weinstein's post [of course you did] about the parasitic nature of university athletics, it probably made you fling your monitor across the room and tear your hair out. So get ready to destroy your replacement monitor and rock the bald look after reading this NYTimes article!

Julius Nyang'oro was a professor at UNC who taught a class, "Blacks in North Carolina", that did not require attendance or anything at all besides registration and one (1) paper*. That is, it consisted entirely of the singular Nyang'oro being Black while in North Carolina. Existing solely to fluff the grades of athletes, it was however open to all students at the university to dissimulate corruption. The professor did not even accept payment (from the university) for his valuable pedagogy until 2012! The ignorant dean's insistence on paying him $12,000 was his downfall, opening up the door to felony fraud charges, which would sadly only see him imprisoned for a minimum of 5 months (if I'm correctly reading the "Class H, no priors" entry for the chart on p. 41; probation likely).


My hypothesis for the subtext: Professor Nyang'oro and Deborah Crowder, the department manager, were being paid by outside interests to fluff the grades of the football team, through a deal set up by the academic advisers who would then refer athletes to these sections. Judging by the principal players' sealed lips, it was someone powerful. The university, of course, is impressively audacious about disclaiming any knowledge of this fluffing programs, but save for the willfully turned heads of our justice system I fully expect to see this scandal, like gangrene, to travel further up the organism. These kinds of things always boil down to "stupid malice or malicious stupidity".

*As department head, he also permitted a sports agent to teach classes and recruit, as well as altering records to make it seem uninvolved professors were participants to his scheme. So even this one paper was all plagiarized bullshit. :(

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