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Talk About a Silo: Ratter

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I don't know how I missed it, but CapitalNewYork reported a few weeks ago that A.J. Daulerio will be launching a network of localized sites on the Kinja platform. Thus far, angel funding has come from Mark Cuban and Nick Denton, who has reportedly been helping with the development of the project.

"I've kicked around the concept for a couple years, which usually started with 'wouldn't it be kind of awesome if Patch.com was more provocative and fucked with people more?'" he said. "It's been altered. Slightly. But the site's main purpose is built around attitude and aggressive reporting. All the editors of the sites need to be terrifying in their approach. Charming, truth-seeking and terrifying."


The concept of Ratter will be to "train a local tabloid sensibility on stories with national and global viral potential", which will presumably be sharable via Kinja.

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