Written in Ink
Written in Ink
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TCM is all about Food in the Movies with Anthony Bourdain

It's been great and keeps on going with Tom Jones next (now).

I'd never seen Mostly Martha, which made me cry.

Tampopo! is my one of my favorites. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt009204… //////but they're not showing that


What with all the NYT slideshow about How to Eat Noodles...as in "Noodle Shops."

Next up is Women in Love. (2:30)

*Whoa. Stay out of that tall grass. Ticks. You'll get Lyme Disease before you figure out "love."


Dinner at Five (5:00)

What is up with how foreheads make these weird lines when people talk? Also, lack of boob jobs.


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