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Teachers Must Wear Panties

A school district has a new dress code for female teachers which mandates that they wear panties while on the job.

How exactly, will this be enforced do you think? Will someone in the administration be tasked with doing an underwear inspection at the start of the school day?


Can you imagine the testimony at the disciplinary hearing?

"Well, I couldn't see a panty line, so we brought her into the nurse's office to check!"


Then consider the sexual harassment lawsuits based on whatever their method of checking is!

And, do you think it's remotely possible they will check male teachers to make sure they are wearing boxers?


Beyond that, why the fuck does the administration care if the teachers are wearing panties or not? If a student is able to tell that his history teacher is going commando, I'm guessing there are bigger issues involved than a dress code violation.

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