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Written in Ink
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Techmology - Wut Is It Good For?

Seriously, I try not to be whiny about tech stuff but recently nothing works and no one seems to want to solve the problems.

First off, Skype. I've been using it more as more people have shifted over to it from the old IM systems but continuously have issues with messages "Pending" for 2-15 minutes at a time. I emailed support and they pretty much told me it was connection issues or to attempt another fix (that they sent Windows instructions for after I sent in my request under Mac). Which, if it is a connection thing then that means AIM has better structural integrity than Skype because when Skype drops, AIM's fine. I've also seen posts from all the way back in 2011 up to as recent as last week with the same issue yet the CSR that emailed me said no other reports had been made... Meanwhile there are some on their own forums.


I also upgraded my phone recently to an iPhone 5S and, surprise, iOS 7 on 5+ devices on the Sprint network lose all data very often when the phone drops from LTE to 3G. Again, tons and tons of posts saying it's not hardware or Sprint but Sprint can only offer temporary workarounds while Apple has yet to say anything on the issue. Looks to be forum posts on their own forums stating the issue as well. Just like with Skype (and by extension now, Microsoft). And nothing.

Basically, it feels like these places refuse to acknowledge issues and try to get out of solutions by pinning it on the consumers. I mean, for all I know they could be secretly working on updates but with zero word from the powers that be it's hard to want to continue to use their products. It's like Kinja. Why does it never work? It's usually our fault.

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