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Telepathy and such

Telepathy is not really given a lot of credibility within the scientific community. I like to think of myself as a logical rational minded individual, but i think telepathy ,especially between lovers, is real.

Some would say we've all experienced it to some degree. Like when you think about someone and you get a phone call from them 30 seconds later.


In real life (aka not the internet), the most noteworthy examples occur with people with whom I have a strong connection. I could get one of my best friends to call me simply by wanting him to. I stopped calling him. I would only get him to call me whenever I wanted to talk. I Wish I had known of the Institute of Noetic Sciences at the time because telepathy is a hard thing to study. But I could definitely do this in a lab setting. He also seemed to always know when I was emotionally shaken up. Its like that scene in "Apocalypto" when the pregnant chick tells her husband to "come back."

Being able to do this with someone I know personally (off the internet) is old news to me. In the last (14 months?) that I have been on the internet, I swear some kind of communication that counts as extra sensory is possible. They say written communication isn't as efficient because we dont get body language. But I swear sometimes the mood a person is in right before or while they type their response stains what they write. I read a response last week from an account called John Smith; I swear that dude was sexually frustrated. Even without a person explicitly saying so, I feel like i can tell when they're disturbed or defensive.

The most jarring are the times when someone takes an interest and begins to pay attention. It makes me feel haunted. It happened on Whisper and its happened on Kinja. Usually, I just abstain from the internet until I've shaken any tales. But this last time was a whole other thing. This ghost had personality. Like he ,i think it was a he, was able to really make his presence felt. At times it felt like it was standing behind me. Depending on its mood it felt like it had the mind to place its hands on either my shoulders or around my waist. Always in a friendly/intimate way. I think I made it squee a few times, like when we see something adorable. I also pissed it off like 10 times. I dont believe in ghost. I think I had an admirer. I know this sounds crazy, but the final nail in the coffin is ever since Sunday night i feel like I've been grieving a loss. Like I've lost someone that i had an attachment to. Everyone I care about is alive and well which means my ghost has lost interest. I say "ghost" because, while I tried to pin down the person, I still cant say for sure who it was. I think its possible for some part of us to be aware of and experience loss before we are mentally aware of who we've lost. I know for a fact other people have experienced this.

Anybody else interested in this stuff?

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