Hood County, Texas - home of the annual Bean Shindig to celebrate General Granbury’s Birthday, complete with bean eating, bean spitting and bean cooking contests - has agreed to pay a $43,000 settlement over gay marriage license refusal.

County Clerk Katie Lang denied a marriage license to one local couple on three occasions on the grounds that it violated her right to religious freedom to give the license, that she was waiting on the proper forms from the state, and then she could not take the printed version from the state website the couple brought in but thatit had to be sent from the state. Finally, after the couple filed their lawsuit she called them in to receive their marriage license.

The couple asked the county to pay their attorney fees before dropping their lawsuit and went into negotiations with the county. The total expenses were over $70,000 and yesterday an announcement was made that the settlement was reached at $43,000 and the lawsuit would be dropped.

Katie Lang is still County Clerk. She will not be paying any of the $43,000. All of the money is coming from Hood County.