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Thank You and Update

Thanks to all of you who provided information and calm logic when I was freaking out early in the week about my mom having possible heart problems. She went to the cardiologist on Wednesday and it was decided that she'll have a heart catheterization and if there are blockages, they'll put in a stent. They originally scheduled the procedure for February 28 and have since moved it to March 14. The fact that they're willing to wait indicates that they don't see it as a life-and-death emergency, which is calming to me. She has strict orders to head to the ER immediately if she has so much as a flutter between now and then, so I feel much better.

In other news from an internet stranger, I had a job interview yesterday and it seemed to go really well. I was so comfortable that I actually opened up a bit more than normal about my previous job and the challenges I faced there....but I think it was okay. I guess my attitude at this point is fuggit, what will be, will be. Hopefully they'll call Monday for a second interview, so fingers crossed!


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