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The $250,000 Chicken

Hey neighbor, can I borrow a cup of outrage? I know I still have some somewhere, but I just can't locate it today.

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But really:
The front page of today's New York Times brings word of a collaboration between a fine foods purveyor and some of the city's big-name chefs to go back to the future and produce chickens that taste like chickens. The pampered poultry is raised under humane conditions and fed a diet heavy in day-old bread and veggie scraps from the high-end restaurant kitchens. Research and start up costs are running at $250,000.

The Times reports: "On a recent afternoon at the farm, where a few hundred creatures inhabit a peaceful, 15,000-square-foot coop that would dwarf the size of most New York apartments, they clucked and ambled around pans of bread soaked in fresh milk, and white buckets full of leafy trimmings that would make a tremendous tossed salad. 'Some of this is nicer stuff than I have to eat when I get home,' said Mike Charles, a local poultry expert involved in the project."


There are rich and there are poor, always have been and always will. And I am sure many of those involved in this quest are charitable folks. But this kind of conspicuous consumption, from coop to corner table, is just wrong. Isn't it?

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