So after Day 1, I wanted to start the next day better.

Well, that didn't happen. I left 30 minutes earlier than the day before...still late. that meant I would have to get up at 7 to leave at 8 to get there by 12. When I got there, I sort of had a felling that I would pass out again. I went to H.R. to see if there was another job I could do. Her words were basically "Lol. Also fuck what the clinic said you could and couldn't do." Then while trying to explain that I wouldn't have time to eat she said my biggest pet peeve. "Why would you ride a bus for 3 hours for this pay?" Probably because I don't have a choice fucking skag. After more condescending talk ("We are not responsible for your eating" No shit, trick), we both decided that I shouldn't work there anymore.

So there you have it. Jobless again. In about a month, I'll be homeless again. Hopefully I can find something that's not so far away in the next couple of weeks.

ETA: Since people want to be nice and shit...

ETA the second: Here's my email address: Don't spam me bro.