Well, this is depressing. Here is Thomas Frank talking to political scientist Adolph Reed Jr. who has a blistering take down in the current issue of Harpers of the surrender of liberalism. I haven't read the piece, because I want to blow my brains out later in the week, but from this interview, simply, we're all fucked. Reed talks about how the neoliberal monster Clinton created has basically destroyed every progressive idea we used to have and ensured labor's destruction, and jacked up the income inequality, corporations own everything state of this country. He talks about how effective politics must start from mass movements whose power leaders have no choice but to obey and that's how you have good policies and meaningful change. But Democrats don't have that. They're more worried about multicultural equality than income equality, and Reed, who has met the president, calls Obama a cipher, like a sociopath would be. It's a long, bleak but worthy read.