Written in Ink
Written in Ink

Ok, today I learned about an insane community on the Internet (and one that is fucked up and weird but not sexual at all.)It’s baby role play.

What happens is people look for public Instagram accounts where people post pictures of their young children. Then, the people copy the pics and create a fake social media account.At that point they start making posts pretending the baby is theirs and posting updates and stories about them.


Once they get a given number of followers they try to create dramatic stories about what’s going on with their child - generally that he’s been kidnapped, gotten lost at the mall or somethnig else that will grab interest.

The point is to get as many people to believe the baby drama as possible - while continuing to use the photos from the Instagram account they are stealing them from.The Washington Post points out that this is perhaps the creepiest use of Instagram possible.


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