One and Two could rotate positions every day.

1) Peter Gabriel—In Your Eyes. Check out the collection of backup singers above. Surely one of the greatest ever assembled. And I still haven't seen Say Anything.

2) Elton John—The One. This easily could have been, yes, the One, but I saw Gabriel doing his masterwork love song on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame the other night. Yes, Tiny Dancer is the better love song, Elton John's greatest work, and one of the best love songs of all time, but you didn't know Tiny Dancer in high school. You were very musically illiterate, and still are to a great extent. This song has an epic grandeur that is the macro to the better micro of Dancer. But how can you top this: In the instant that you love someone/In the second that the hammer hits/Reality runs up your spine/ And the pieces finally fit.

3) Bryan Adams—(Everything I Do) I Do It For You. This song may be cheesy and corny among certain circles, but, fuck you, I loved it as a kid. I also loved the movie it was the soundtrack to. Technically a junior high love song, but it covered over to freshman year and listening to it now, it still holds up.

Goes without saying, you can list yours below. But it has to be high school and, okay, junior highish if you still listened to it in high school with the same sense of love. Particular interest to those you loved in high school but turned on for whatever reason as an adult. Though if they were the soundtrack to asking girls out in high school, I bet you still love them.