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Written in Ink
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The Best Court Ruling You Will Ever Read

Highlight: "In my view, the parties do not need a judge; what they need is a rather stern kindergarten teacher."

The entire ruling is epic.

Summary: There are two very wealthy insane families that live across the street from each other. One family installed video cameras to follow the comings and goings of the other family. That other family then started having their dog piss on the other family's bushes and after poop and scooping putting the poop in their trashcan.


It then gets even crazier with people walking around with listening devices, bringing random neighbors who know nearly nothing about it to testify and tens of thousands of dollars in court costs.

The judge loses his shit on everyone involved.

There is no claim for pooping and scooping into the neighbour's garbage can, and there is no claim for letting Rover water the neighbour's hedge. Likewise, there is no claim for looking at the neighbour's pretty house, parking a car legally but with malintent, engaging in faux photography on a public street, raising objections at a municipal hearing, walking on the sidewalk with dictaphone in hand, or just plain thinking badly of a person who lives nearby


You must read the ruling. It is total brilliance.

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