I wish I'd never seen an episode of Person of Interest before.

Don't get me wrong, it's an excellent series, but having watched 'The Devil's Share' and had a few days to let it percolate, I've realized that I missed out on a far better viewing experience.

The experience starts with 'The Devil's Share'. Annalee Newitz did an excellent review of the episode over on IO9, though be warned there are spoilers!

Note the amazing lighting, and yes the skull image is very appropriate to the scene, POI is full of little touches like this.


Next, go back to Season 1, Episode 1. You can do it if you've seen them already, but it's an even better experience if you're new to the show or have only caught a few episodes.

You see Carter in a completely different light . . . we always knew she was a key member of the team but now you truly feel her importance.

In addition, Fusco . . in particular his interactions with Reese, can be seen in a whole new light. I'll freely admit a guilty pleasure in being able to say that the first three seasons were obviously as much about his evolution as anyone, because watched this way it's true. ;)


With Reese, the the first moments of S01E01 now show history repeating itself for him, and the path he may or may not be starting down, all without any cues from the machine as to WHEN this is happening. Well accidentally played, POI.

In fact, I'd argue that almost every character in the episode comes out of it greatly enhanced when it's used as the introduction to the narrative.


The best part of all? Those of us who've been watching know that the last episode before 'The Devil's Share' is the similarly excellent 'The Crossing'. When IGN reviewed 'The Devil's Share' this is what they led with. . .

Okay. So another home-run episode for Person of Interest. Not a "10" like last week's trauma-inducing, stomach-churning "The Crossing," but still a powerful episode full of unexpected turns and swerves that satisfied on all fronts.

As in 'If you liked this one, you'll really love how the whole thing ends'

At this point, of course, one must re-watch 'The Devil's Share' and continue watching the rest in a forwardly direction.


It makes an excellent very very long movie. Give it a shot!

Oh yeah, there's also those other guys. And Bear, why is this not just a picture of Bear?


Ah, there we go. Bear and his humans. The one on the left is tall, dark, and violent. The one on the right created a sentient machine. Seen here being surprisingly adorable across the board.

Two of Bear's other humans. The one on the left is short, dark, and violenter. The one on the right worships the sentient machine. Seen here engaging in what I'm pretty sure was foreplay for them.


Update/Edit: Both The Devil's Share and the latest episode can be seen free online on CBS's site . . . though it does have commercials. I hate supporting marketing machines but it is a really excellent show.