Look at your Twitter feed: chances are there's a death warrant out for Stephen Colbert. Colbert has committed a crime recently, but oddly enough, it's the same crime that he's committed out in the open for several years now: satirizing the news by playing the part of a clueless, well-intentioned patriot.

I do not watch Colbert anymore. Haven't for years. But I know enough to know that Colbert shouldn't be canceled because of one faux-racist line that tried (and failed) to bring attention to actual racism.

The tweet that started it all (not Colbert's):


Not very funny. Along the lines of the "ching chong Danny Devito" comment that rightfully brought Rosie O'Donnell much grief. But Colbert wasn't implying that Chinese-Americans speak a degenerate pidgin of their own language. He's making fun of Dan Snyder's ridiculously named "Original Americans Foundation". He's making fun of Dan Snyder trying to halt the progress of the anti-Redskins campaign by forming a smug, self-congratulatory organization, and he's doing it by constructing an analogy with a minority Americans are more familiar with. The same way comparing the gay rights movement to the civil rights movement can result in constructive parallels being drawn.

Suey Park knows this but insists on being a radicalized voice in order to draw a Twitter audience. She has jumped the shark. If tweets cannot have subtext or reference live events without providing a 1000-tweet long history each time, then the purpose of Twitter is gone. Colbert took up Snyder's anti-Native-American sentiment by extrapolating it to East Asians, and the folks tweeting at #CancelColbert did the same thing by expanding her brand at the expense of a smaller minority group. Nice going, everybody. We can all admit that no one really gives a shit about Native Americans.


And yes, there are a lot of racists on my side and no that doesn't invalidate my point because you've got Michelle (maybe not for the same reasons, but still). That's a hot potato no one wants to catch.


tl;dr Suey Park took deliberately took something out of context to create a Twitter soundbite ad for herself, and her followers can't stop now because they've shown up naked to school.