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The comments on Science Watch are making me sad

Hamilton "Trollin'" Nolan's latest edition of Gawker NOVA made me laugh harder than I have all day. I was so happy when this feature came back - he has a knack for uncovering interesting stories, and the bizarre, subversive intros are poetic, in a "lol" sort of way. They're so good! They're so funny! No one could possibly dislike them!

Except for EVERYONE! I was shocked to see almost half of the comments were either completely oblivious to the irony or "HamNo's shtick sucks" type reactions. Granted, I love Hamilton. He's one of my favorite writers on Gawker/the planet, and I'm tossing around the idea of referring to my political leanings as "HamiltoNolian." I think his long-form pieces, like his write-up after attending a press junket in Las Vegas, are outstanding.


Am I in the minority? Are people just rull rull mad about this?

Here's the see-through snail he posted about. I have a nature boner.

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