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The Condom Designed To Fail

A condom company has now made and is marketing a condom designed so that if you poke holes in it your partner won’t be able to tell.

While most condoms if you poke holes in the pretty obviously break this one doesn’t.

Lorax Of Sex thought this had to be bullshit so he bought a package and tested them and:

“Well, I tried their pin-prick test and was horrified to find that the marketing GIF was not a dramatisation. I could indeed pierce Hex several times per region and the condom gave no fucks.”


Can you imagine what a really, really bad idea this is?

The company argues that by not obviously breaking the condom offers “some protection” rather than the no protection that a condom that falls apart if stuck with a pin.

What they seem to be missing is that if the condom falls apart you can take it off and put on one that actually works.

With this one if there was an accidental tear you would still be fucking your partner and have no idea you were about to unload in them.


Plus, this is going to be like catnip to people who want to stealth their partners. (Link is NSFW)

I am fucking horrified.

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