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Written in Ink
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The Crosstalk Tagline

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Oh hey guys. So I've noticed we've changed the Crosstalk tagline from "Center of the Kinjaverse" to just "Yes". Which is fine but I say we make the creation of the tagline as fun as we do with the banner. That is, unless the tagline should really be reserved for Magister to pick and choose in which case then just ignore me.


My tagline ideas:

-Cats, Posts, Badgers

-Come for the snark, stay for the Duggars

-Fuck it! We'll do it live!

-Way better than that show was

-Fuck you Tucker Carlson

-And your dumbass bowtie.

I've digressed from my point. But lets get some tagline ideas and maybe Magister will choose one or we have an election.

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