Written in Ink
Written in Ink
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The Depression Bandwagon

Yes, we all loved Robin Williams, myself included.

This is the part I don't understand: what makes everyone such an expert on depression, mental illness and suicidal tendencies all of a sudden? Did all of America just graduate from psychoanalyst school this past weekend?


Had he died of a heart attack would the internet be ram-packed full of amateur cardiologists?

The selfish part of me is grateful to this man to at least get the country to recognize that mental illness is REAL. Up until now it has been something better swept under the rug as far as I can tell. For at least the next week or two, maybe a few people out there will understand the reality of an illness that affects more of us than anyone would like to admit.
His death is a tragedy. But if the outcome was to raise the awareness of mental illness enough to help even one fellow sufferer, I bet you he's laughing it up wherever he is.

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