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The DNA Don't Lie

It just doesn't always tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. For example: This sounds like the plot from an episode of Law & Order — and not a particularly original one at that — but a Colorado judge has ruled that an Army artillery officer linked by DNA to a string of sexual assaults on young girls will be allowed at trial to blame the attacks on his brother.

His identical win brother.

First Lt. Aaron Lucas, 32, (pictured) is accused of lewd contact with 11 adolescent girls; three were sexually assaulted. The alleged Pikes Peak Pervert (trademark!) is also linked to unsolved crimes in Alabama and Texas, and those crimes will be allowed into evidence in Colorado. (Pattern, your honor!) It's a complicated skein of connected cases, but DNA evidence is key.


Lucas' attorneys point to other evidence that implicates his twin brother, Brian Lucas. And of course the DNA cuts two ways. Brian has not been charged in any of the cases. Aaron Lucas is due back in court Nov. 26; trial is set for Jan. 4.

As to points for originality? No less an expert than Karen Steinhauser, a criminal defense attorney and adjunct law professor at the University of Denver, said the blame-the-twin tactic is rare. "I have never seen it, ever," she said. "The only time I have seen it was on 'Law and Order: SVU.' "

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