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The Duggarnaut marches on

I'm awfully tired for a Monday night, but I'd be remiss not to alert you all to the latest Duggar News: Jill has entered a courtship!

That's right, second oldest daughter, Jill Duggar, has entered a courtship with a former-missionary-turned-accountant, Derick Dillard. It would seem that the Jill and Derick kinda sorta met online, after Derick had begun corresponding with Jim Bob via email about the missionary work he was doing in Nepal.


What serendipitous timing that this was announced the day before the season premiere of 19 Kids and Counting! You're all forewarned. :P

P.S. While everybody else thinks Jinger is gonna escape, I think Jana is playing a long con. She's awfully quiet. My money is on her for the sleeper cell.

[h/t: People via @DuggarFam RT]

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