So, a bunch of people were emailing me complaining that my blog encourages smoking and that I really should switch to e-cigarettes. In response I started a "Bartstarter" telling people that if they were really that worried about my blog promoting sucking down the smoke of burning leaves, I'd give e-cigarettes a try but only if they paid for the first month and the set up. And I promised I'd blog about the experience every day for 30 days.

I woke up the next day astounded that I not only got the set up fee, but $140 above and beyond the set up fee. Such is the strange life of a blogger.

So, my e-cigarette adventure is about to begin. And since people ponied up so much more money than I expected I figured I might as well copy the blog stuff here as well, since I'm guessing vaping is of interest to many people.

So, here we go - The E-Cigarette Bartstarter Day One:

Woke up astonished that the Bartstarter was fully funded. Lit up a cigarette and told the pack it wasn't personal but I might not be playing with it for a while.

Smoked as many real cigarettes as possible before Rome Girl woke up and we both showered and headed down to the e-cigarette shop.

Very pretty lady there was happy to help us. She seemed impressed when I told her I usually smoke two 30 packs a day. She let me try several types of tobacco juice. I ended up with their strongest one which is called "Kill Bill."

Then had to pick out the device itself. I chose a black and silver one that looks like gear to shoot up heroin with.

Walked home and then had to do some work. Used the e-cigarette whenever I felt like a smoke. The only difference from real smoking I noticed was that I felt somewhat like I was high on speed. I suspect this feeling will go away once I figure out how often to use the thing or my body gets used to new ways of importing nicotine.

In the afternoon went to the Robin Hood - where nobody gave me a hard time, but everyone was astonished/impressed that the Bartstarter worked.

After a couple pints I started seriously thinking about lighting up one of the real cigarettes I had with me, but stuck to the Kill Bill and that was fine.

Later that night went to Analog and again got a hard time from nobody.

That said, those were easy tests. Two bars where I tip heavy and people are used to me being weird is not reflective of the real world.

The last real cigarette I had was at 11 a.m. yesterday morning and it is now 11:30 a.m.

Certainly the longest I've gone in years without burning dried leaves.