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Written in Ink
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The E-Cigarette Experiment - Kids These Days

Day Five of the e-cigarette experiment.


On a chilly night using an e-cigarette in a bar packed with students will have them bitching and moaning that the water vapor that comes out of the thing will "addict them to nicotine."

When the fuck did 19 year old American students become complete wusses? At 19 you should be putting every chemical known to man inside your body and not worrying about addiction.

Beyond that, it's water vapor that comes out of the fucking thing, not nicotine. And even if it was pure nicotine just being around someone blowing the smoke is not going to turn you into an addict.

Anyway, the consensus of the students what they hope that they eventually tax e-cigarettes to the point where people can't afford them and/or ban them in all public spaces.

It's weird. On like every other issue that involves intoxicants it's the students who are like "Yay!' and the grownups who are more likely to be like "that might not be a good idea."

But my experience so far is that people in their 30s and 40s have no problem being around someone with an e-cigarette, while people who are like 19 or 20 act the way I would if someone was chasing me around with a needle full of meth.

On a side note - for some reason the e-cigarette seems to make me pee more often.

It's now 10:43 a.m. Wednesday.

Last real cigarette was 11:30 a.m. Friday.

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