Moving on with the e-cigarette experiment.

It's weird, I don't really miss real cigarettes that much. But when talking to my friends yesterday about a family issue that is pissing me off I totally bummed two cigarettes because for some reason talking about family shit feels better with real cigarettes.

That said, other than that I was totally fine just using the e-cigarette all day. So, I think I'm still making progress.

I do love not having random homeless people come up and ask me for cigarettes all the fucking time.

One thing I will say is that I'm starting to notice that the insides of bars smell bad.

Back when everyone smoked inside them you couldn't tell because they just smelled like smoke. And then after that I guess my sense of smell was somewhat dimmed by smoking. But now I notice that the insides of bars more often then not smell like piss and sweat. Not enough to keep me out of bars but enough for me to notice.

People keep asking me if it's possible to use these things for pot/hash oil/cocaine. Mostly because they think it would be a good way to do drugs in public without anyone knowing. I may Google this to find out.

Anyway, 13 days in and I'm mostly happy with the device.