Written in Ink
Written in Ink

Kinja is messing with me again. It goes something like this:

I scroll through the comments on an article, idly clicking on stars wherever there's something witty or true or otherwise affecting. The stars I've clicked turn a delightful shade of blue. You know how it is. Then I wander off to read other posts. Chances are good that eventually, I will revisit a comment section once or twice - maybe to see what new confabulation has cropped up or to watch a stack of replies pile up. This is when I notice brilliant comments that I apparently haven't starred, but I remember reading them already and I remember thinking they were great. Why was I so stingy with the clicks? I think to myself, let's spread the little blue loves around. Then I click, and lo. No little blue star appears. Instead the star count drops.


I did click it before. I fucking knew it! I hastily re-star the comment and slink away, hoping the commenter in question doesn't get a bunch of weird ghost notifications. For the next hour or so I hesitate before clicking on comments I like, my mouse hovering over the star while I try to remember if I've done this one already or if clicking will subtract a star.

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