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Written in Ink
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The Firing Room

People tend to get fired at my company. In the beginning of the day, someone will come up to me and ask for a certain conference room (next to my desk) so that they can fire people literally as close to the front door as possible. I call it the firing room. Then our security guard will come upstairs and lurk around, as per "disgruntled employee" protocol.

Today our cleaning service is getting fired, because they are "too old." It's their first month on the job (they underbid our last service), and a couple things have been rocky, but I can't honestly say it's a result of their age/slowness or just a learning curve adjusting to a new building. The cleaning service consists of a very lovely 60 year old woman and 70 year old man, and the woman just came up to me and asked if she was allowed to borrow paper to take notes at her "meeting."


It's not a meeting. It's in the firing room.

I'm sad.

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