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Written in Ink

(CNN) — Disney Studios announced today that they have cancelled the projected Dec. 18 release date of the highly anticipated movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, due to quality control concerns.

“We showed the final print to a select group of members of the Star Wars online community and their reaction was not what we expected,” director J.J. Abrams said. “The comments from SlaveLeiaBanger69 were particularly critical and pointed out several artistic flaws. Because the studio understands that LucasFilm, even under the new parent company, would never release a film that is less than perfect, we decided it was best to simply put the movie on hold.”

Abams said of particular concern was that viewers said none of the plot points matched any of the theories they had generated on StarWars.com, Kotaku.com and JediAcademy.com.

“I feel really dumb,” Abrams said. “What the fans wanted was right out there in front of me. I should have trusted my instincts. When Star Trek fans said they wanted Khan I gave them Khan, even though the scirpt made little to no sense to me. I should have folllowed the fan base this time around as well. I guess I thought I was still working in television where innovation is expected.”

Abrams said his next project will be a more serious film about the dangers of gun violence.

“A wealthy child will watch his parents get shot to death in front of him during the first scene of the film,” he said. “Then we’ll fast forward to when the boy has become a man and give audiences the twist they are expecting.”

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