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The Gawker bans keep coming!

I have now been blocked/banned from Gawker for posting on the blocking article. I called it too, I knew some over-zealous dweeb would get angry over being called out, and that dweeb is Tom Scocca.

Here's the offending post and Tom's reply:

Adding this for posterity!


52 minutes ago

Tom Scocca replied to you

No, see, you're blocked for being dumb and self-righteous. Trolls are by definition uninteresting and unhelpful, and they get banned, and where did Cook's post suggest otherwise?



So long time posters who say one thing someone dislikes get blocked, but trolls who do nothing but spew bullshit get to post with impunity?


That's a pretty terrible fucking system. I suppose I'll be blocked for saying this too.

I've said way worse before, but this did it, and hilariously proves my point because I wasn't talking about myself being blocked at the start. There are plenty of trolls still posting, but other long time posters like k2b have been banned for no reason, same with that guy pointing out how they fucked up the Crackstarter.


I don't expect to be unblocked, I'll simply make a new name if I feel like it. I love being banned for speaking the truth and highlighting further when a site has gone off the deep end.

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