You people realize that it's called the "Golden Poo", right?

Seriously people, why is there some much sadness about the chance EA might win the award for the 3-peat? It's called the Golden Poo. It's a trophy shaped like shit. This can't be something that you are taking seriously.

What happened after EA won it the second time: A shitty Dungeon Keeper mobile game filled with micro-transactions. An always online Sim City. A still fucked up Battlefield 4. As you can see, their back 2 back wins meant nothing to them. So guess what? People know that the award means nothing.

Let's just see, for fun, what some of the other companies in the running would do with the trophy:

If Wal-Mart wins: They would make copies of it and sell it during Black Friday for 99 cents.


If Monsanto wins: They would grind it up and distribute it in your food.

If Seaworld wins: They will use the trophy in all of their shows. The killer whales will be balancing it on there fins.

If Yahoo wins: They will still do nothing about your email account that got hacked into.


If Lululemon wins: They...wait what? Why is there outrage about this? What if they do win? Will these same people upset about the chance EA could be the Jordan of Golden Poos be upset about some damn company that makes overpriced tights?

The point is, none of these companies are going to change how they operate business. You will still get processed food. Wal-Mart will still buy all of there products from cheap, Shinese labor. This award is about as important as a Teen Choice Award is for actors. As for me, I'll be voting for EA because fuck you.