Written in Ink
Written in Ink

So many thoughts . . . .

  • Overall good episode. I'm sad that it looks like this is the mid-season finale until after the holidays.
  • I love, love, love when TV shows tell their stories in a creative way. The imaginary questioning of Alicia by Will was an excellent device to explain his continuing love for Alicia, why he is SO MAD at her, and that he feels like she callously betrayed him and used his love against him. Loved it.
  • I also love how he got a hand to the face when she explained David Lee told her to use her womanly wiles. Ha!
  • Nice surprise seeing Donna Brazile. She's an awfully good actress and looked really nice.
  • I am pretty tired of this show making Calinda the go-to lesbian whore who sleeps with women to get information out of them. It's starting to feel really gross.

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