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The Good Wife Spoilers (season 1)

Jennyapples (from GT) has inspired me to seek out The Good Wife, and I'm hooked.

I am almost finished with season one, and I have a few observations:

1) Alicia and Will need to get together already.

2) Big (Peter Florrick on the show, but he will always be Big) is sexy but Alicia needs to leave imhos possessive ass.


3) Becka is preggers, I'm calling it.

4) The Good Wife is like the Cosby show of drama...everybody has been on here (including Fitz Rowan Pope, and Sally Langston from Scandal, Sasha from the Walking Dead, dude from Lincoln Heights, Russell Edginton from True Blood—who I just found out he was Spalding from AHS, Andy and Arlene from True Blood, Condola Rashad, and others I can't remember, and I'm not even finished with the first season).

5) I know law shows are not realistic representatives of the real legal world, but I have a feeling the Good Wife is a fairly accurate representation of how litigation/trial law works to a certain extent.

6) Kalinda...ooooh Kalinda.


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