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Written in Ink
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Groupthink is mad with Halloween fun, changing all of their names to spooky ones, posting pictures of costume possibilities, telling creepy stories. They've forgotten music, or it's possible I've missed that post, it moves quickly over there.


I'm grey everywhere but here on my spiffy new account (Thanks Magister!). So the official Halloween Music will be presented here, because Halloween is important. Sit back, put away your culturally appropriated costumes and enjoy. (Please add you own because I can't think of any others.)

Screaming Jay Hawkins - I Put a Spell on You.

If you're having a Halloween party may I suggest projecting this video on a big blank wall, on a loop for the entire party?

Monster Mash

Always a seasonal favorite.

Donovan - Season of the Witch

You should be listening to this throughout the year.

Warren Zevon - Werewolves of London

I'm very sad that he's dead. I love Warren Zevon.

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