The article "Internet Explodes Over J-Laws Alleged Hacked Nudes" has been pretty fun all night, but as the thread gets longer, and the gray/not gray/dismissed cycle gets more complicated, the conversation has been rendered unintelligible.

For example, my comment:

How do you know my boner's dialect so well? Did you hack my boner?

Was made bold, so it appeared BEFORE its gray antecedent, which was:

No, he's saying maybe you could not give in to every little whim your boner wants if it would make life suck less for women. But I'm sure that would seem completely UNPOSSIBLE!! to you, since your boner wants what it wants and must always have MOAR NEKKID WOMINNZ NOW I DON'T CARE WHO STOLE THEM OR GOT HURT THE BONER NEEDS MOAR!!!!!!!

As you may have noticed, reading the comments in this order kind of lulzless. I'm not saying it was comedy gold if read in the right order, but it wasn't retarded stupid.

There are also comments and threads that seem to have been "dismissed" that I don't believe were problematic. To be honest, I'm not sure how Kinja is intended to work. Without the proper sequence, a lot of conversations are hard to fathom.

Can someone explain why Kinja wouldn't incorporate threaded discussions a la Digg circa 2006? What is the downside of nesting replies?