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The Many Uses Of Discarded Christmas Trees, A Poem

NPR decided to give that old poem, "A Visit from St. Nicolas", the one that goes- "Twas the night before Christmas..." a run for its money with a delightful tale of what happens to all those Christmas trees after the holiday is over.

High fiber snacks for health conscious elephants has always been my favorite use, not to denigrate the wonderful work in protecting coast lines and providing new habitats for fish.


The entire 3 minute and 36 second presentation, complete with quotes from environmentalists, conservation experts and animal caretakers is all in rhyming verse.

It is both the most sweetly NPRish thing to do in the world, and at the same time the best case for someone having way too much time on their hands.

But really, rhymes about elephants and giraffes and bears snacking-what better way to wrap up the old year and start the new.

Photo via National Geographic

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