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Written in Ink
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The Meth Line

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"The Meth Line" - A Poem

If I never told you

you would probably never know

that young, pretty, petite brunette

just couldn't possibly be 'one of those'

but now you see me waiting in the meth line

you're giving me a confused stare

what on earth is that young brunette

possibly doing standing there

while you stand in the 'normal line'

I wait, segregated here

I've now been outed, and not by choice

left wishing I could disappear

How is it that you feel untouchable

that the pathetic addict could never be you

I've been there once, said that too

let me tell you it's far from true

yet you're able to simply brush me off

its not your place to care

but I could be your mother




any one of them, in despair

Once that wave of utter bliss hits you

it's warm embrace never let's go

it steals your heart

your love

your soul

and drags it deeply down below

transforming into an empty slave

completely helpless to it's grip

pulled deeper still with every poke;

perfect marksmanship

With nothing left

just an empty shell

the pain and suffering takes hold

what once was plenty is never enough

the urge increasing tenfold

life or death becomes the choice

but so many have lost their voice

tossed aside, muzzled by dope

so many living without hope



put hate aside

I shouldn't feel the need to hide

this daily drink allows me to live life

a way out of the endless pain,

a way out of the strife

- Studio L

Image Via alaskano @ deviantart

Poem from studioLonline.weebly.com

I shared this with GT late last night, but thought you guys might enjoy it also!


* To clarify any confusion, I am referring to Methadone, not Methamphetamine*

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