... permeates this story. This is what was broadcast on the local news in San Antonio on June 2nd:

This is the story that appeared in the local paper on June 5th. I'm willing to believe newsgathering in San Antonio (much like almost everywhere else in this country these days) is shitty, but come on. Why were there no names mentioned on the TV piece? Why did the TV piece say flat out that police were suspicious because "stories didn't add up"? The newspaper piece is so badly written, it's mind-blowing, but it least makes a few things clear: the names, ages, and number of people involved, and that the police don't consider the fire suspicious. Big switch in three days. I wonder what the hell actually happened, whether there was really any need to tase the father, whether the cops were originally implying the fire was suspicious as a preemptive strike in case the family made noises like they were going to sue, or whether they never really considered the fire suspicious at all and some TV reporter added to the family's suffering by slandering them.