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Or what is the opposite of following the hermeneutic circle, or spiral or whatever. This post may not be an argument in favor of my sanity, but try along with me here. I was thinking about what to call it when someone seems to be purposefully grabbing onto every chance of misunderstanding, and taking the idea of getting the point quite literally, I thought up "keeping to the punctured plane".

Simply put, a two dimensional plane (a piece of paper for example) missing the point in the middle, which is what you are trying to communicate (so a point literally and the point figuratively missing).


Although I know it might mess with the idea of the hermeneutic circle a bit too much to be any exact concept, think it makes sense. Am I alone with this?

(Pictured: my awful handwriting and fun neon-colored pens.)

Trolling is one way of staying on the punctured plane. It can also happen by accident or due to poor communication skills. It would be nonsense to reply in a way that is not any reasonable interpretation of the comment, which is the green area with no spirals. But if the reply touches on something you said, even if it was some aside that wasn't really necessary, the person replying can cling to some relevance and demand you take part in their conversation, and to get back to your point you'd have to give them some more information.


Now, as you try to clarify the point, you are also offering more possibilities for the other to stray away from the point, and by doing so stay in the punctured plane. I am not taking into account the effect of the other persons responses for the sake of simplicity (or this may be part of my problem).

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