The people of Gangjeong Village on Jeju Island in South Korea have been trying to stand up against the U.S. Navy building a $970 million military base on their UNESCO World Heritage Site volcanic island.

The Navy base is to house twenty warships, including submarines. The construction will destroy rare coral reefs and other natural wonders which earned this place the special UN designation which is supposed to protect it, but has no power against the U.S. military invasion.

Trying to prevent dredging and bulldozing, residents of Gangjeong have been living in tents near construction areas. They have also filed lawsuits to block construction and have made their case as public and loud as possible.

Each week someone named Gang-Jeong Il-Gi publishes a Diary of Gangjeong on YouTube. Sometimes it's a protest. Sometimes it's waiting for protesters to leave jail. Sometimes it's a town hall meeting. They talk about "seeking hope and not sadness." They begin to cry talking about the need for peace. They break my heart.

To quote Rufus Wainwright, I'm so tired of America.

ETA: I'm adding a link to this 44-minute video by this amazing peace activist named Bruce Gagnon which explains the entire thing. I can't post it here because it's not a youtube or Vimeo vid but here is the link to it.