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The REAL Sam Biddle

Want a taste of the glamorous life of a Gawker blogger? Ask Sam Biddle. Not that Sam Biddle, the "original one."

But before the 27-year old Brooklyn-based tech stroke gossip blogger wrote his first word, there was another Sam Biddle, the "real Sam Biddle", as she jokes, who has beaten cancer and raised two children while building a global empire for nail artisans. She was also first to claim the @SamBiddle Twitter handle, so of course she knows all about the other Sam Biddle, who has a substantial 16,000 Twitter followers @SamFBiddle while Ms. Biddle has just under 2,000.

In the land of Union Jacks and God Save the Queen lives a wide-eyed and vivacious 42-year old woman named Sam Biddle. Each morning, she wakes up to dozens of mis-directed tweets sent to @SamBiddle, which the English lady is too polite to reiterate completely but says are along the lines of "he's a twat" and "an idiot".

"It's just terrible stuff," she says. "I can definitely tell when he's written something! He has some real followers and some real haters out there. But I don't send him any of it because it's really, really bad. I would be mortified to receive those kinds of tweets."


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I like Sam Biddle—I think he's actually quite a good writer (one of the best on the site) and I think he's a great contributor to Valleywag. I think he gets shit because he's not afraid to criticize people and because of the internet.

The internet.

Be glad your name isn't attached to another person at gawker, otherwise, you might just wake up with 10,000 tweets calling you a twatwaffle.


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