Let's take a look at them:

Nirvana - Incredibly overrated but will get in because of Famous Dead Junkie Asshole.

Kiss - Deserves to get in because Glam Metal would not exist without them, but they are incredible douchebags.

The Replacements - Speaking of douchebags, ever read a Paul Westerberg interview? Gag!

Hall and Oates - Fuck me with a rusty spoon.

Paul Butterfield Blues Band - Deserves to get in but won't.

Chic - This is not rock and roll.

Deep Purple - One good riff does not a Hall Of Fame make.

Peter Gabriel - Fuck, no.

LL Cool J - Boring as hell but will get in because the other black act nominated scares the shit of the old white male voters.

N.W.A. - See above.

Link Wray - No hit wonder.

The Meters - Most bland funk ever.

Linda Ronstadt -Not rock.

Cat Stevens - Should get it but Islamaphobia will fuck him.

Yes - The worst prog rock ever.

The Zombies - The only British Invasion band that nobody at all cares about anymore.