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The Switch: A Transgender Sitcom

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Though they have most of their budget from grants, tax credits and first-run rights, a Canadian production company is using Kickstarter to get all of the bells and whistles, plus the ability to pay some volunteers to launch "the first transgender comedy to air on broadcast TV".

Last week she was an upwardly-mobile software manager, at a place where her coworkers all knew her as Erwin. Life was normal enough and good enough. When Sü (played by Julie Vu) came out as transgender, she promptly lost her job. Her apartment followed.

Sü called in whatever favours she could, and that's where our first episode leaves her: an out transsexual, unemployed and sleeping on her ex's couch at the unfashionable bottom of the rabbit hole that is the East Vancouver Queer Underground. Thrown into a world of social inequity, surreality, and quasi-legal employment, will she claw her way back to her old status? Or, to her horror, will she adapt and thrive?


The original pilot has already aired on OutTV. Writer, director, creator and producer Amy Fox, who will also play "Chris" and is featured in their initial fundraising video wearing the green shirt, tells the CBC that they would like to reshoot parts of the pilot and produce up to nine more episodes for the first season. OutTV has optioned the Canadian rights for the program and producers are in talks with two American networks, along with a Caribbean outlet and one in the Netherlands offering rebroadcast rights.


Now that they've met their initial fundraising goal, Fox and Trembling Void have identified a series of "stretch goals" and there are plans to sell some of their rewards, such as a coloring book and gender-neutral bathroom stickers, once the Kisckstarter campaign comes to an end.

To learn more about The Switch, its cast and writers or Trembling Void, see the show's website.

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