Written in Ink
Written in Ink

The takes keep rolling in...

Maria Bustillos’ and Dan Savage’s views have been published. While Maria defends gawker’s mission citing the demolition of Cosby’s myth, Dan Savage compares the internet’s response to the Ashley Madison leaks with the gawker story.

Now, I know that Gawker is a news site that does journalism (yes, they do journalism), and that as journalists they’re held to a higher standard—by themselves and others—than a bunch of anonymous hackers. But the violation is exactly the same: People who may or may not have been cheating on their spouses are going to be outed, their lives could be upended, their children could be traumatized. “But they’re cheaters!” screams the internet. “Cheaters are terrible people! Cheaters deserve to be exposed!” This would be the same internet that just a few days ago was overflowing with a nuanced understanding of infidelity where a wealthy, politically connected white man was concerned.

That seems like a weird, possibly classist disconnect to me.


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